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Water Bottle For Babies


With the Klean Kanteen Bottles, itís never too early to get your first water bottle for babies. And the Kid Kanteen with Sippy Cap is suitable from 6 months so perfect to introduce instead of a sippy cup when babies start weaning.

Drinking bottles for babies should primarily be SAFE with no risk of nasty chemicals leaching into their milk or water. The Klean Kanteen bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel and have food grade silicone nipples, and the sippy lids are BPA free.

Plus we love the fact that these bottles for babies donít get shoved in the back of the cupboard when babies grow up. The bottles can be converted to snack pots, and the Kid Kanteen water bottle can become a sports bottle or if you buy the insulated version you can use it to keep your coffee hot while youíre watching them on the swings.