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rCup - The worlds first reusable coffee cup made from recycled single-use coffee cups

The idea behind rCup was simple, to create the best reusable coffee cup on the market from waste products. And what better waste product to choose than disposable coffee cups.

Not only is the rCup 100% leak-proof, easy to open and close, and fully insulated so your drink stays hot for longer and your hands stay cool, but each 12oz rCup is made from 6 used cups.

The innovative rCup also offers 360 degree drinking just like drinking from a regular cup, one-handed operation, and full aroma so you get maximum flavour with every sip.

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rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz

rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz£12.00

rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 8oz

rCup Reusable Coffee Cup 8oz£11.00



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The fabulous rCup is a hit for so many reasons and is ideal if you want to replace disposable coffee cups and enjoy hot or cold drinks on the go.

Made using recycled single-use coffee cups and tested to last 10 years this clever cup has a number of really great features.

Reducing Waste

The rCup itself is made from recycled paper cups and has been specifically designed to contribute to the circular economy of reducing waste, recycling and reusing. Not only is rCup made from recycled materials but every time you take it with you to a coffee shop you’re saving another paper cup from the landfill.

On top of that rCup are investing a proportion of their profits to develop the UK’s first coffee cup recycling plant. And at the end of its life, your rCup is fully recyclable with your household waste.

Perfect for on the go drinking

The best incentive to change is that you are better off by doing so. We all know that the environment will thank us for not using disposable cups, but if your drinking and user experience is also improved by making the switch to reusable then you are far more likely to stick to it.

rCups innovative design features a push action lid that not only allows for one-handed operation while on the go, great if you’re driving or using public transport but is 100% leak-proof when closed meaning you can throw the rCup in your bag without worrying about spills.

Plus, the 360 opening means you can drink from any point on the cup, again great if you’re multitasking, and it gives you the full aroma of the drink. Which all coffee lovers know is a huge part of the taste.

Keeps coffee at just the right temperature

The rCup is fully insulated meaning you can pick it up without burning your hand even if it’s filled with very hot tea, and it will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for longer giving you more time to enjoy it.

It’s worth noting that rCup doesn’t have the same insulation capacity as some of our other travel mugs and won’t keep drinks hot for anything like the 12 hours of some of the insulated bottles. But it will give you on average 90 minutes to enjoy your drink which is a lot longer than a takeaway cup and plenty long enough for most people.

Great Value

Finally, rCups are great value! They’re designed to last for ten years and rCup will replace the seals for free if they go before that time. Plus, if you regularly buy coffee when you’re out and about then you’re looking at saving an average of 25p each time you take your cup meaning you’ll have made back your money in no time.

And if you spend over £15 on rCup or any other product from the Water Bottle Shop we’ll give you FAST FREE DELIVERY.