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Kids Water Bottles

Kids Water Bottles

Keep your kids hydrated and healthy with one of our nearly indestructible, BPA free, stainless steel drinking bottles. Perfect to help them stay hydrated at school, during sports and while they play.

Our selection of insulated and single wall drinks water bottles come with leakproof lids or you can choose a sports water cap, sippy cap or flip top for easy drinking. We even stock eco-friendly BPA free baby bottles with silicone teats.

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Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Ballet Slipper

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Ballet Slipper£22.95

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Lizard Tails

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Lizard Tails£22.95

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Sugarplum Party

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Ins 355Ml Sugarplum Party£22.95

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen 355Ml Sport Jellyfish

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen 355Ml Sport Jellyfish£16.95

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen 355Ml Sport Ladder Truck

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen 355Ml Sport Ladder Truck£16.95

Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Sippy 355ml/12oz

Klean Kanteen Kid Classic Sippy 355ml/12ozFrom:  £15.95





Klean Kanteen Sippy Cap Green

Klean Kanteen Sippy Cap Green£5.50

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Black

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Black£5.50

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Green

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Green£5.50

Charlie Lion Collapsible Water Bottle

Charlie Lion Collapsible Water Bottle£2.95

Harry Crocodile Collapsible Water Bottle

Harry Crocodile Collapsible Water Bottle£2.95

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Page 1 of 1:    21 Items

Choosing the best kids water bottle that will meet all their needs

The best kids water bottle needs to be:

  • Safe,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Easy to drink from,
  • Difficult to break and
  • Available at a price that won’t leave you tearing your hair out if they lose it.

Children generally require or prefer a smaller water bottle than grown-ups, especially toddlers. And a water bottle they can drink from without ending up with water all down their fronts.

We also think that kids water bottles should be made to last. Ideally, you want to choose a water bottle that will last them for years, that won't go out of fashion when their favourite TV show changes, and is environmentally sound. After all, this is the next generation we are talking about and we need to instil good habits early.

Safety First

Of course when it comes to children safety and health are paramount. We want our children to stay hydrated and have access to water during the day to keep them healthy so it follows we would want them to drink from a bottle that doesn't contain any nasty chemicals and won't contaminate or taint the water they are drinking.

With that in mind, all our bottles are BPA and toxin free. Unlike aluminium bottles, stainless steel bottles do not react with hot or acidic drinks and require no interior coatings or linings. And the stainless steel used is of the highest quality ensuring a smooth surface that is easy to clean and won' rust or degrade over time.

You can get special brushes to help with cleaning the lids and many of the lids are dishwasher safe to make sure your bottles are hygienic and safe for little ones. And although the painted and insulated bottles are not recommended for the dishwasher the single wall brushed steel versions are dishwasher safe.

When it comes to caps the Klean Kanteen sports caps are not recommended for under 3's. The sippy cap, however, is perfect and comes with a removable dust cover to stop any leaks when not in use. It's really easy for babies and toddlers to use and perfect for their first reusable bottle. Then when they get a bit older you can simply replace the cap rather than buying a whole new bottle. Environmentally friendly and money saving at the same time.

Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottles

Stainless steel is a great material for water bottles for both adults and children. It's pretty much indestructible, you could drop kick one of these bottles across the playground or drop it from the highest point on the climbing frame and it's unlikely to pick up more than a dent. It's possible the plastic lid might break but these are available separately so can be replaced without needing to buy a new bottle.

All our stainless steel bottles are made with high-quality food grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel. It won't react with your drink, whatever you put in it and won't retain or impart flavours or odours making it perfect for juices, milk water or anything else your little one loves.

The bottles are available in a great range of colours and designs and are easily personalised using vinyl stickers so your child will always know which bottle is theirs.

Our top water bottles for children

Of course, any of our water bottles can be used by children but we've chosen our top picks either because they've been specifically designed for kids or because they are lightweight and a lower capacity making them easier to carry and more likely to fit in their school or sports bag.

Kid Kanteen Water Bottles

Klean Kanteen makes a kids range including stainless steel baby bottles with silicone nipples, and small (12oz/355ml) single wall and insulated bottles in a great range of colours. We also think the 18oz classic is a great size for children.

Klean Kanteen bottles can be used with the totally leak-proof loop cap (the kid's ones come in green) or the Sippy Cap or Sports Cap. Both these caps are spill proof and generally leak-proof when closed. Perfect for little sports stars who need an easy sip lid at practice.

All the lids have a handy loop that makes them easy to carry and you can add a carabiner so they can be attached to the outside of a school bag.

The rounded edges and wide mouth make them easy to drink from, clean and fill. The mouth is big enough to add ice cubes to without needing a special ice cube tray. And the insulated versions are perfect for hot chocolate at the end of a long winters walk. Be warned though these bottles are very good at keeping drinks hot so you might want to check the temperature before giving it to your little ones.

FOSH Active Water Bottles

These aren't specifically designed as kids bottles but they are the perfect size for school and the optional flip lid is great when you or the kids need water fast. Just flip open the lid, tip and sip. Holding 750ml they'll keep your little darlings hydrated all day.

These bottles are super lightweight and come in a great range of colours including Carribean blue, clownfish orange and flamingo pink. The durable powder coated finish means they easily stand up to the rigours of daily life and the handy D-ring makes them easy to carry or clip to a school bag.

Chilly's leak-proof insulated Water Bottles

Chilly's make a lovely 260ml insulated bottle which is the smallest bottle we stock and the perfect size for children. We love the fact that these can be filled with ice cold water, a fresh juice or even a milkshake in the morning and still be ice cold when it comes to lunchtime.

And you could even make them a cup of hot chocolate or a warming soup to keep them going after school. Perfect for cold winter evenings when they have afterschool clubs to go to.

The narrower opening means they might not be as easy for little ones to drink from as the opening is small enough for them to get their whole mouth around, but they do work really well with a reusable straw. Meaning they are probably better for their lunch bag than for having with them during sports or other activities.

The gorgeous design means they'll be loved for years. And they are perfect for mum or dad to borrow too.

Que Collapsable Bottles

We love the Que collapsable bottles and think they are a great choice for older kids.


  • BPA and plastic free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Shockproof
  • Super cool

These water bottles are great for kids who have loads to carry but need a big bottle of water at some points during the day. They are super lightweight, compact and stylish. And they'll last a lifetime so they can take them away on camping trips or overseas adventures when they get older.

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