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Glass Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle

Welcome to the water bottle shop. Buy a glass water bottle and enjoy cleaner, fresher tasting water from a bottle that is better both for you and the environment. These high-quality glass bottles are durable, stylish and perfect for everyday use at home, in the office or out on adventures

Glass Water Bottles

Why choose a glass water bottle over plastic bottles?

Staying hydrated is key to good health and beautiful skin. Our bodies are made of up to 60% water, it's part of our blood and our bones, essential for our brains to function and vital for our bodies waste disposal. Water regulates our body temperature, forms saliva and cushions the joints.products

Single-use plastic bottles are undoubtedly bad for the environment. Many are not recycled and even if they are they generally get turned into lower grade products. Plastic bottles can also contain harmful chemicals such as BPA which is thought to have all sorts of negative health effects. Glass, on the other hand, is BPA free and a much healthier alternative.

And the good news is it's never been easier to stay hydrated. We stock a great range of eco-friendly bottles including glass water bottles, stainless steel and silicone that all offer a healthier more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

Benefits of a glass water bottle

  • A glass water bottle allows you to sip fresh tasting cool water wherever you are. And as glass doesn’t retain or impart any flavour its also perfect for any other drink you might like to take with you including milky or acidic drinks.
  • A glass drinks bottle is BPA/toxic free and won’t leach any toxic chemicals into your drink.
  • A glass water bottle, unlike a plastic bottle, is made from 100% natural sustainable materials.
  • Glass is fully recyclable and can be made into new glass water bottles. Although the bottles we have chosen are designed to last, glass can be recycled again and again with no loss in quality.
  • Glass is heat resistant meaning you can use it for hot and cold drinks. Great if you need to take your morning cuppa with you as you rush out the door or forget your reusable cup when you go to grab a coffee.
  • Glass water bottles are easy to clean and can generally go in the dishwasher. The non-stick anti porous surface means you won’t get any lingering germs or taste after cleaning.
  • A glass water bottle is super stylish and will look great on your desk.
  • Unlike stainless steel, you can see what you're drinking and you get the feel of drinking from a glass.
  • Unlike drinking from old jars or drinks bottles, reusable glass water bottles are made from toughened glass so they are very unlikely to break.

Find the best glass water bottle

U Konserve - A durable reusable glass water bottle

The U Konserve glass bottles are high-quality glass bottles made from toughened glass with a silicone sleeve so you can take them anywhere without worrying about them breaking. It’s the same glass used in science labs around the world.

The silicone sleeve adds additional grip making them easier to hold, acts as a shock absorber should they get bumped or dropped, and provides a certain amount of insulation for your hands. And they are fully leak-proof meaning you can put them in your bag when you’re on the go.

These glass bottles are a great size at 590ml meaning you won’t have to refill too often throughout the day yet they are still light enough to carry when full. And they’re a great price too, especially when you consider how much you could save by not buying water when you are out.

Qwetch - A double-walled glass water bottle

We also love the Qwetch infuse flask as it’s perfect for getting your daily hydration from both fruit infused water or loose leaf tea. Made from toughened borosilicate glass, the double wall design keeps drinks hot for up to an hour giving you plenty of time to sip your drink at your desk. The wide mouth also makes for a great drinking experience, especially for hot drinks.

This clever glass bottle has a leakproof stainless steel screw top lid and comes with two filters for different types of infusion. Use the deep basket for drinks requiring a shorter infusion, such as loose leaf tea, which you then remove before drinking. Or use the short filter to allow you to fill your bottle with cucumber, mint, lemons or whatever else you fancy and enjoy refreshing flavoured water all day.

This will become your favourite teacup, the best coffee cup and your go-to water bottle in one. The design is simple and stylish and it comes in a lovely cardboard tube, making this the perfect gift for any tea lover.

A Glass Water Bottle vs Stainless Steel

Both stainless steel and glass water bottles are a great alternative to single-use plastic bottles and in many cases reusable plastic bottles.

Stainless steel and glass are both fully recyclable although glass recycling is more widely available.

Both stainless steel and glass are non-toxic, BPA free and won’t retain or impart flavours so you can use them for any drink including milky and acidic drinks, and providing you clean them switch between drinks without having water that tastes like yesterdays coffee.

Despite being made of toughened glass a glass water bottle is breakable which may be one reason to opt for stainless steel. The silicone sleeve provides a lot of extra protection so occasional clumsy hands shouldn't be an issue. But if it’s likely to get thrown around then stainless steel really is virtually indestructible.

One benefit that glass has over stainless steel is that you can see what you are drinking. Perfect for seeing when you need a refill and great if you are sharing with children who might not have fully mastered the art of drinking from a bottle.

However, if you are looking for an insulated bottle then stainless steel is the way to go. For hot chocolate under the stars or after a long walk, coffee that stays hot though even the longest meeting and ice cold water at any time of the day or night our great range of insulated stainless steel water bottles can’t be beaten.

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