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Food Flask

food flask
A food flask is a perfect partner to ensure you always eat like a king and have healthy nutritious food ready to go. They are great for helping out with any New Year’s resolutions and saving money by not buying lunches when you’re out and about.

Food Flasks are great for travel, perfect for lunch boxes and ideal for a day out at any time of the year. You can have hot dogs and ice cream without the price tag. Or a healthy meal where you know exactly what the ingredients were. Plus there's nothing better on a cold Winter’s day than knowing you can have a steaming bowl of stew without even having to leave the office.

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Vacuum Insulated

A vacuum insulated container will keep soups and stews hot for hours. You can take a bowl of hot porridge to work with you to eat at your desk or have a nourishing and warming soup when out on a long walk. They can also be used for warm salads, pasta or rice dishes, curries or chillies. Pretty much whatever hot food you fancy.

Combine with a slow cooker and you can cook your meal overnight and transfer it piping hot to your stainless steel flask in the morning. Meaning you'll have a nice hot lunch with minimal fuss. Just take a spoon or fork (or a bamboo spork) with you and eat straight from the wide mouth of the container. A complete dining solution.

Insulated flasks are also great for cold food or drinks. They're perfect for keeping salads chilled until lunchtime if you don't have access to a fridge, ideal for school lunches on hot days, and can even be used for carrying ice cream on a picnic or a trip to the park. Meaning they well worth the price you pay and will end up saving you money in no time.

The vacuum insulation means the outside of the flask will stay condensation free and cool to the touch regardless of how hot or cold the contents are. And the durable stainless steel construction makes them perfect for throwing in your bag without worrying about leaks or breakages.

Keeping them hot

If you want to fill your flask in the morning and enjoy a nice hot meal at lunchtime, here are a few tips for making sure you don't end up with a lukewarm lunch:

  • Pre-heat the flask with boiling water. This will stop your food instantly cooling down when it hits the sides of the flask.
  • Heat your food hotter than you would normally eat it. However great a thermos is at retaining heat you'll still lose some over time so if you know you won't be eating for a while making the food extra hot allows it to cool a little and still be the perfect temperature to eat.
  • Fill it up. If there's a large amount of air at the top of the flask your food or drink will cool more quickly so choose a flask that's the right size for you.
  • Once you've closed the lid don't open it again until you are ready to eat.

Keeping them cold

  • Pretty much the same as above but chill your flask in the freezer (without the lid on) or fill with iced water and leave for a minute to chill the inside of the flask.
  • Fill to the top to minimise temperature transfer with the air.
  • Make sure the food goes in cold.
  • And don't keep opening the container if you can help it.

Top Brands

The Klean Kanteen Insulated Food Canisters are leak proof, easy to clean and BPA free. The larger 16oz (454ml) size will keep food hot or cold for 8 hours and the smaller 8oz (227ml) keeps hot or cold for 5 hours. Their lids are packed with recycled corrugated cardboard insulation. This is a much more eco-friendly solution to foam insulation yet performs just as well. One of many reasons we love this brand and the products they sell.

The gorgeous 400ml Chilly's Flasks come in a range of gorgeous colours and designs and will keep boiling soup hot for up to 4 hours.

The U Konserve food jars are 355ml (approx 12oz) or 470ml (approx 16oz) capacity and again will keep food hot for at least 4 hours.

These flasks are also great for keeping snacks fresh and even reducing your plastic waste buy filling with Olives at the deli counter, buying dry goods by weight, or purchasing meat for the slow cooker without the plastic.

Non-Insulated Canisters and Lunch Boxes

And if you are just looking for a practical eco-friendly alternative to brittle plastic lunch boxes or containers then we stock single wall stainless steel canisters and lunch boxes that are perfect for daily use.

The little Klean Kanteen canisters make the perfect snack pots for dried fruit and nuts, blueberries, biscuits or any other little items to nibble on throughout the day and the stainless steel construction makes them plenty durable enough for the playground.

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