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Cycling Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated while you cycle is crucial, whether it's high-intensity training or a Sunday bike ride with the family. When choosing a cycling water bottle you want something durable, easy to use, easy to clean and that will fit in your bike cage. And if possible something you can use for other activities as well.

We have a great range of reusable water bottles that are perfect for cycling. Including insulated bottles that will keep drinks HOT for 12 hours plus and COLD for 24 hours. Great for long bike rides in either hot or cold conditions.

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Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Black

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Black£5.50

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Green

Klean Kanteen Sport Cap Green£5.50

FOSH Speed King Sports Lid

FOSH Speed King Sports Lid£5.00

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Find the Best Water Bottle

Our range of cycling water bottles only includes bottles that are slim enough to fit in a standard bike cage, however, there are lots of bigger bottles available if you need to carry extra fluids. We stock lightweight stainless steel single wall bottles with flip or sports caps that provide easy access hydration. As well as insulated bottles that will keep your tea hot or your water ice cold no matter what conditions you are cycling in.

Our range of stainless steel water bottles is hardwearing, safe and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bottles. They also make great cycling water bottles as they are tough, lightweight and will keep your drinks fresh no matter how far you ride.

Our range of high-quality water bottles won't taint your drinks, are easy to clean, and if you look after them will last a lifetime. Even if they do get a few bumps and scrapes along the way.

Easy Access Water Bottle

If you are looking for a bottle that you can just grab and sip then we recommend the FOSH active or one of the Klean Kanteen classic bottles in your favourite size and colour.

Both these bottles can be used with the FOSH flip lid or the Klean Kanteen Sports Cap for one handed operation on the go. They are also durable enough to take a few knocks, easy to clean, and perfect for keeping your water tasting fresh.

Insulated Water Bottle

You know you need to keep hydrated while you ride, but on long rides especially your drink is likely to end up either lukewarm or ice cold depending on the outside temperature. A standard plastic bike water bottle doesn't do much to maintain the temperature of your drinks, that is where insulated bottles come in.

Our range of stainless steel insulated bottles will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature no matter how far you cycle. And the majority of them will fit in standard bottle cages.

Chilly's insulated water bottles are available in three sizes, 260ml, 500ml, and 750ml. The larger two are probably best for your bike cage, but we love the fact that you can have a hot chocolate or a cup of hot tea in the smaller water bottle, that is perfect for warming you up halfway around your favourite bicycle route.

The FOSH Vital is another great insulated bottle in a handy 550ml size that weighs only 300g and will keep your drinks HOT for 12 hours and COLD for 24 hours thanks to the triple wall vacuum insulation.

And finally Klean Kanteen. These offer excellent insulation with times varying depending on the size of the bottle and have the benefit of working with the sports cap. Meaning you can have easy access and insulation in one.

We particularly love the 20oz (592ml) Classic Insulated Kanteen for a cycling water bottle. It comes with a leak-proof loop cap as standard and fits the Klean Kanteen Sports Cap or the FOSH flip lid. And it will keep drinks HOT for an impressive 20 hours and ICED for 50 hours.

The Best of Both

Both FOSH and Klean Kanteen have sports style BPA free lids that are available to buy separately so you can easily turn your day to day water bottle into the perfect cycling water bottle. The FOSH flip lid and the Klean Kanteen sports cap fits the FOSH active and any of the Klean Kanteen classic bottles, both insulated and single wall.

Plus you can get a little dust cap for the sports cap which is great for protecting the mouthpiece.

And although the sports cap says it's not designed to be leak-proof we've given them a pretty good shake up with no spills so you won't risk losing your hydration mid-ride.