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Childrens Water Bottles


Children’s water bottles should be safe, durable, easy to use, and easy to look after. They need to be small and light enough for little hands, BPA free, contain no toxins, and be cool.

We’ve chosen a great range of durable alternatives to a plastic drinks bottle including flip top stainless steel drinks water bottles that are perfect for your kid's school bag. Insulated water bottles with BPA free plastic lids that mean they can have hot chocolate or ice cold juice at any time of the day. And a great range of vibrant colours so everyone from toddlers to teens can choose their favourite.

Ecofriendly Reusable Bottles

Our range of children's water bottles includes everything from stainless steel baby water bottles with silicone nipples to children's water bottles with a sippy or sports cap and even collapsible silicone water bottles that are easy to carry with you anywhere.

Children's requirements for a water bottle change as they grow with teenagers probably needing a bigger water bottle than babies and maybe wanting a water bottle they can also use for coffee. But many of these water bottles are multifunctional allowing them to last for years if not a lifetime.

Toddlers and Babies

When it comes to little ones Klean Kanteen is top of our list. The small size of the Kid Kanteen (355ml / 12 fl oz) makes it perfect for little hands and not too heavy to tip and drink from.

The spill-proof sippy cap is suitable for 6 months and the powder coating has been specially formulated to be safe for people and the planet making it a great choice for babies and toddlers. The bottle itself is durable enough to withstand anything your toddler can throw at it. And even the paint will easily withstand a few bumps and scrapes. Because we all know it's fairly likely to get thrown on the floor more than once.

And when they outgrow the sippy lid the BPA free plastic and silicone sports cap is a great next step that will see them through primary school no problem.

Best Water Bottle for Bigger Kids

As they get older any of the bigger bottles are perfect but we've found the 18oz classic Klean Kanteen to be a popular choice. Like the Kid Kanteen, it's virtually indestructible so perfect for school and sports bags, lightweight, and can be used with a variety of lids including the sports cap and the FOSH flip lid.

Do note however that the sports cap is spill proof but not leak proof so if you need something they can throw in their school bag without risking soggy homework then the loop cap would be your best bet.

And if they are looking for an insulated bottle, great if your child likes super cold water or juice then the insulated version is ideal.


Teens tend to be harder to please and more aware of style than younger children. Although of course, that's a generalisation rather than a rule. However, with that in mind, our top pick for teens would be the Chilly's insulated bottle.

It comes in an amazing range of colours and prints so there's bound to be something that appeals and it'll keep their water, juice or smoothies ice cold all day. If they like coffee it can handle that no problem without the risk of leaks. And they come in a great range of sizes.

And if size really is an issue the smaller Que bottle collapses to a mini 10 x 6.6cm meaning it'll fit in a coat pocket or handbag. And Que gives a whopping 10% of their profits to charities focused on sustainability and protecting the planet.

If you are looking for high quality reusable water bottles to keep your kids hydrated, look no further than our collection.