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About The Water Bottle Shop

Part of the SATF Group, we have always put zero waste, plastic-free living at the core of our stores. Conscious of the huge environmental damage our lifestyle choices can have, we aim to make switching to eco lifestyles easy and painfree. 

The Water Bottle Shop was the brainchild of Pete, who felt it was impossible to get the perfect water bottle online. If you wanted a specific detail you had to trawl through tons and tons of sites to find the best water bottle for you. The simple aim of this site was to have ALL the best reusable bottles, with an excellent search function and all the relevant details listed, so everyone could very quickly find the perfect bottle for them.

We have trawled through and tested hundreds of water bottle brands to bring the best in field to you. We only stock BPA free bottles so you can buy from us, safe in the knowledge you are getting the best, safest water bottles!